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Corruption of Justice

Zielenknijper.com, a critical philosophical blog, played a role in exposing pedophilia within the judiciary system.

The head of the Dutch Justice system (highest function) raped children and whistle blowers were silenced.

Photo © NRC Handelsblad

Dutch minister Els Borst planned to expose a pedophilia ring in the government and was murdered by a psychiatric patient. According to sources, she was murdered by the secret service (AIVD), where she worked herself in the past.

The minister was an elderly woman and an active advocate of free choice to end life, while the critical blog at the time actively counter-argued euthanasia in psychiatry. Essentially, the minister was the primary opponent of the critical blog, on behalf of free choice for euthanasia for a mental wish.

In 2019, the Utrecht home of the author of this blog was attacked, followed by a display of absurdly profound corruption of the judiciary.

Details are available in the article Pedophilia in Justice of the Netherlands on GMODebate.org.

Pedophilia in Justice

The blog was involved in exposing corruption related to legislation of euthanasia in psychiatry.

(2023) Political extortion and euthanasia in psychiatry ('the Dutch way') Dutch psychiatrists used political extortion in 2010 to obtain the right to euthanize psychiatric patients. Since then euthanization numbers in psychiatry have skyrocketed. Source: Philosophy forum

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Learned through injustice?

As author of a critical blog on psychiatry I had experience with people who were victim of sometimes the most grave injustice, such as enforced electro shock therapy. I believe that by critically speaking for those people - to show a path of intellect and reason - it could enable those people to keep true to an ethical nature, and (ultimately) to feel better than the evil doers that caused injustice to them.

I believe that the blog may have prevented many people from seeking violent revenge.

Reason and intellect is a higher good than revenge.

Modern man is to be expected to evolve beyond barbaric practices such as war and revenge if it intends to secure longer term prosperity. Intelligence before practice means overcoming darkness before it was ever present, and thus, to prevent war and revenge in favour of reason.